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At 30, APS Needs to Realize That It Has Grown Up

APS is celebrating its 30th annual convention in a few days.  I promised to write before then about the things I want to see happen at APS that would get me to rejoin the organization that I was involved in, and loved, for many years.

I finally recognized that my gripes have a common theme:  At 30, APS needs to realize that it has grown up. Continue reading

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Dear APS: It’s not me, it’s YOU !

This year I decided not to rejoin APS.  I’ve been a member for many years, am a Fellow, was on the board, and have been an CE, AE, and Editor of various APS journals.  Last week, I got an e-mail … Continue reading

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I was a reviewer…

I was a reviewer on two of the manuscripts discussed recently in Simine Vazire’s blog by guest author Katie Corker (on behalf of the six women authors). (What I say below won’t make sense  unless you have read that first.) My review of … Continue reading

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A “Council of Psychological Advisors to the President” ?

[A couple of months ago I interviewed for a Fellow position with the SBST — the U.S. Social and Behavioral Sciences Team.  (You know, like the UK’s Behavioral Insights Team, a/k/a “The Nudge Unit”.)  It was a dream job but … Continue reading

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Barcelona — and Should Revolution 2.0 Go Grassroots?

I discovered something interesting at SPUDM24 last week.  (That is the European Judgement & Decision Making Conference which was held in Barcelona this year.)  I was speaking about things that are happening in psychology having to do with replication and … Continue reading

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Making It Easier to Submit Your Manuscripts

The other day Retraction Watch described a retraction triggered by the authors’ simultaneous submission to two journals.  A comment asked about how one can go about ethically submitting to multiple journals.  The answer: you can’t.  At least not in science.  … Continue reading

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Research Revolution 2.0 — The Current “Crisis”: How Technology Got Us Into This Mess and How Technology Will Help Us Out

[I just got back from the APS (Association for Psychological Science) Convention where I spent 5 hours in various symposia on Research Practices and 4 hours in various meetings on what Editors and Journals can (or should) do about what’s … Continue reading

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