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I was a reviewer…

I was a reviewer on two of the manuscripts discussed recently in Simine Vazire’s blog by guest author Katie Corker (on behalf of the six women authors). (What I say below won’t make sense  unless you have read that first.) My review of … Continue reading

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A “Council of Psychological Advisors to the President” ?

[A couple of months ago I interviewed for a Fellow position with the SBST — the U.S. Social and Behavioral Sciences Team.  (You know, like the UK’s Behavioral Insights Team, a/k/a “The Nudge Unit”.)  It was a dream job but … Continue reading

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Barcelona — and Should Revolution 2.0 Go Grassroots?

I discovered something interesting at SPUDM24 last week.  (That is the European Judgement & Decision Making Conference which was held in Barcelona this year.)  I was speaking about things that are happening in psychology having to do with replication and … Continue reading

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Making It Easier to Submit Your Manuscripts

The other day Retraction Watch described a retraction triggered by the authors’ simultaneous submission to two journals.  A comment asked about how one can go about ethically submitting to multiple journals.  The answer: you can’t.  At least not in science.  … Continue reading

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Research Revolution 2.0 — The Current “Crisis”: How Technology Got Us Into This Mess and How Technology Will Help Us Out

[I just got back from the APS (Association for Psychological Science) Convention where I spent 5 hours in various symposia on Research Practices and 4 hours in various meetings on what Editors and Journals can (or should) do about what’s … Continue reading

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3… 2… 1… Liftoff — A Dream Come True — Registered Replication Reports Take Off

A million… I mean three and a half years ago, when I wrote my incoming editor’s editorial at Perspectives on Psychological Science  (DOI: 10.1177/1745691609356780), I said that I wanted to encourage new types of articles that I thought would help our … Continue reading

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“But I don’t want people to try to replicate my research.”

If you are reading this blog, you have probably seen some of the news about the new Replication Research Reports to appear in Perspectives on Psychological Science.  But something you probably haven’t seen, or heard…  A few months ago, I … Continue reading

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